December 04, 2006

Rollin' Around

I have just about had it with all the whining and acting from Dwayne Roloson. I saw a lot of it when he was with Minnesota, I saw more of it last year with Edmonton, and I saw more of it tonight when he was diving around and complaining all over the place.

Now I understand that players do this on the ice to get the calls, and hey, I have done it a few times in my day. I am also not ignoring the fact that the Canucks have players like Burrows who do pretty much the same thing. But tonight, when the first Canucks goal was disallowed, Roloson was clearly outside of the crease and he clearly embelished like no other. After the game when he was asked about what he was thinking when the first goal got disallowed and he said "I am was just trying to not get injured".

His acting has officially spilled over into his post-game comments and I officially cannot take it. He said that the Canucks were running the net and it was dangerous for him. That's a load of crap, he dove on that play when he was knicked while he was OUTSIDE of the crease. I'm sick of him.

You know what is dangerous? When he is taking his helmet off in the middle of the play and trying to make a save helmet-less, under his own steam. Does he actually think anyone believes that he cares about injury when Herik Sedin of all people, gives him a little nudge while he is, and I say it again, OUTSIDE the crease.

I mean, give me a break.

And this does not stem from the Canucks being shutout by Roloson. I know the Canucks can't score, and I accept that. I just can't accept the fact that people think that Roloson is a marquee goaltender, because he is a joke.

I may be a little frustrated be4cause of the Canucks loss, but I can guarantee I will think the same of Roloson tomorrow, when I am cooled off.

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Dayna said...

Hi. I'm sorry I just have to say. I'm from Edmonton and a huge oiler fan. You have to understand that Roli doesn't take his helmet off on purpose. Somebody elbowed him in the side of the helmet,causing it to come undone. When the helmet is undone, it is virtually useless. A.)you can't see a single thing, and B.) it is super dangerous because the helmet wouldn't absorb impact if he happened to get hit on the head. It was strictly a safety issue. He's just being a smart goalie. So don't you go complaining about stuff that you don't know.
I get it though, your a 'nucks fan. I probably would hate roli too if I wasn't an oiler fan. It's just part of the game.... I know you were probably pissed off at the outcome of the game. Trust me, I've been there ( November 3 2006, the "glove hand pass" incident, and I have gone on hockey related rants also.
.... You just hate him because you wish you had me on that one.

....feel free to rant on my page, I can take it.