December 04, 2006

Rollin' Around

I have just about had it with all the whining and acting from Dwayne Roloson. I saw a lot of it when he was with Minnesota, I saw more of it last year with Edmonton, and I saw more of it tonight when he was diving around and complaining all over the place.

Now I understand that players do this on the ice to get the calls, and hey, I have done it a few times in my day. I am also not ignoring the fact that the Canucks have players like Burrows who do pretty much the same thing. But tonight, when the first Canucks goal was disallowed, Roloson was clearly outside of the crease and he clearly embelished like no other. After the game when he was asked about what he was thinking when the first goal got disallowed and he said "I am was just trying to not get injured".

His acting has officially spilled over into his post-game comments and I officially cannot take it. He said that the Canucks were running the net and it was dangerous for him. That's a load of crap, he dove on that play when he was knicked while he was OUTSIDE of the crease. I'm sick of him.

You know what is dangerous? When he is taking his helmet off in the middle of the play and trying to make a save helmet-less, under his own steam. Does he actually think anyone believes that he cares about injury when Herik Sedin of all people, gives him a little nudge while he is, and I say it again, OUTSIDE the crease.

I mean, give me a break.

And this does not stem from the Canucks being shutout by Roloson. I know the Canucks can't score, and I accept that. I just can't accept the fact that people think that Roloson is a marquee goaltender, because he is a joke.

I may be a little frustrated be4cause of the Canucks loss, but I can guarantee I will think the same of Roloson tomorrow, when I am cooled off.

The Rory Revolution

For me, the true meaning of productivity is not studying for the four exams I have in the next four days, but it is voting for Rory. For the past half an hour, I have been taking advantage of the NHL's new all-star game voting system. This year, instead of allowing only one vote per IP address at their online voting website, the NHL is allowing unlimited online voting to vote players into the 2006 NHL All-Star Game (to be played in Dallas, TX on the 24th of January).

After hearing about this new voting system, some hockey fans thought that it was not accurately representing the players that are voted into the game. Voters are allowed to vote more than once for specific players, therefore inflating the votes for the more popular players and decreasing the chances for those who may be having spectacular seasons but based on lower standards. This doesn't seem to be too much of a problem right? I mean, the most votes will represent the most wanted players. Wrong, says one hockey fan. The creator of thinks that the NHL voting system is not fair because it does not allow for other players, besides the already established superstars to be voted into the game. He started the website in an effort to rebel against the NHL and try and reward a player that would otherwise have no chance of getting voted into the NHL All-Star Game. Rory Fitzpatrick, defenseman of the Vancouver Canucks and formerly of the Buffalo Sabres, is this player. Fitzpatrick is a hardworking player who gives his all every game and does not get rewarded with the fame and glamour. is trying to change that.

Last week, the NHL released preliminary all-star voting results and Fitzpatrick miraculously was 11th in votes, only 200,000 votes behind the leader (former Norris trophy winners Scott Niedermayer and Niklas Lidstrom). And this was before the Rory Revolution hit. Fans all over North America have been joining the Rory Revolution, some for fun, some to help further the point, and some who just have a dream - or who just get a kick out of it. No matter what the cause, Rory Fitzpatrick is getting more votes as each day passes and the joke which once was nothing more, is becoming a real possibility.

So if you find yourself sitting around being unproductive at anytime during the next week or two, snap out of it and visit and vote for Rory as much as you can, because well, you can. Help the underdogs be represented for their hard work! The final results will be revealed in early January, so vote now and vote often!

Until next time, vote Rory and good day.

December 03, 2006

Chewing Some More

My second article at Chewing the Canadian Bacon, entitled "Put the Canadian Aside", is now up, check it out here.

November 26, 2006

More Snow

Well it was still snowing last night and its still snowing now. This is what it looks like outside of my house. I guess the forecast was right.

November 25, 2006


I was meaning to post this a couple days ago when I had my first experience of snowfall this year, but now that I have waited and most of you who are reading this have gotten snow, the excitement of this post has really diminished.

Anyways, I was driving into the parking lot at school the other day and when I parked my car, it was snowing! And it was sticking. By the time I got to my first destination at school (the gym to get my shoes) it was all white outside. My camera phone came in handy (look left but watch out for the car).

It was snowing all day today at my place but I don't think it is anymore. The forecast calls for 20cm by the end of the weekend, doesn't look to promising yet but there is still Sunday.

Hopefully its not too bad, I have a presentation to do on Monday and I have to wear a suit.

Suit + SFU + Snow = A Slushy Muddy Mess

Until next time, good day.

November 23, 2006

Not My Day

"I woke up in the morning with the sun in my eyes when Mike came over with a pleasant surprise...."

Actually I'll stop my lyircal nostalgia because that attempt at quoting an old school Bran Van 3000 song just made it sound like I had a gay lover come over to my house this morning. But of course that can't be true becase, it wasn't sunny this morning!

Anyways the whole reason I brought up me waking up was because I woke up this morning with a really sore through and a headache that has been with me for a few days. I took some flavored tea to school so that I could sooth my throat. While at school I started to eat my lunch and wanted to drink my juice box but then I realized, I didn't have a straw! I went to my back up plan of the tea. I bought hot water and mixed the tea, Lemon and Lime Spicer, and then took a sip. Gross! Luckily I had another backup, Orange Spicer tea. I bought another cup of hot water and mixed the team once again. And yet again, gross! I was running out of luck so I thought, "you don't need lucked when having hot chocolate", so I went and bought a hot chocolate and a rice krispie square. The rice krispie square was stale and the hot chocolate, absolutely disgusting.

I have been thirsty for hours now and have spent $4.50 and have not been satisfied, I guess it's just not my day.

Until next time, when I'm hopefully more lucky and hyrdated, good day.

November 21, 2006

Today I Learned

Today was a big day for me when it came to learning. I learned many things in all facets of life, some which made me happy, some which made me anxious, some which were common sense, and some others.

Today I learned...

...that Canadian Justin Morneau won the American League MVP award in the Major League of Baseball (MLB).

...that with Morneau winning the AL-MVP, Canadian atheletes are reigning MVP's in 3/4 major professional sports: the NHL (Joe Thornton, San Jose), NBA (Steve Nash, Phoenix), and now the MLB (Justin Morneau, Minnesota).

...that Jim Rome, along with thousands of other Seinfeld fans, no longer likes Micheal Richards (Kramer).

...that I handed in two papers in the last two days and have one left which I am already way behind on. It's worth 50% and due in less than a week. I have barely started researching. lesson and bought regular Dasani water along with my sour Mentos during study time.

...that although the Borat movie was not that great, I really enjoy the character and his imbecilic and non-sensical nature.

And finally, today I learned that I have one week left in school until classes are over, another until my exams are done and then I am home free to lounge in my theater room!

Until next time, good day.

November 20, 2006

My First Bite

In the midst of writing midterms and papers, going to meetins and socials, and entertaining all other resposbilities of mine, last Friday I found the time to write my first article for CTCB.

My deadline to submit this article was, not surprisingly, Friday so like I do with all other works that have a deadline. I crammed. This cramming was not entirely distasteful like most of my cramming is, in fact I enjoyed writing my article which is entitled 'Collateral Damage' and talks about the recent hard hitting epidemic that has hit the NHL.

It is now Monday which means the new issue of the CTCB website is now up, and that means my article should be there (yes I checked, it is there). So go check it out by going to the website or linking straight to the article by clicking here.

As always, comments would be appreciated. Until next time, good day (or night in my case).

November 16, 2006



I saw Borat and it was hyped up quite nicely by Mr.Karim my co-host. He said it would be a "life changing event" and it would be "the best $10 I will ever spend".

High five? Not quite. Borat was kind of a Snore-at. Ok, well it wasn' t boring but it wasn't as funny as I had expected, the story was quite lame and the jokes really weren't too funy. Maybe it wasn't my type of humour, but I didn't like it too much.

Now don't get me wrong, Borat is a funny guy and he kicks ass on the Ali G show but the movie just didn't do it for me. But don't take my advice, go watch it yourself and put more money in their pockets, I wish I had waited to rent it.

A Life Changing Event

Or so I have been told. On Episode 4 of The Press Box this week, Nabil (my co-host) told me it would not be wise for me to wait until December to see this movie. So I am taking his advice and in 45 minutes time I am going to see Borat.

Wish me luck. I just emptied my bladder so there will be no accidents in the theater. I am well prepared.

Rain, Raspberries and $1.63.

The weather in Vancouver has been terrible lately. Well, terrible if you don't like constant heavy rains and gale force winds combined. I personally don't mind that type of weather, it definitely enables me to study without getting distracted outside or without feeling like it's getting late because it looks the same outside throughout the whole day.

I didn't mind this weather until today, while at SFU studying, when I went to the store located conveniently next to where I was studying (I guess that's why they call them convenience stores). I thought I'd go get a slurpee and some candy (my usual study combo) but once I got to the store, a message was posted on the idle and powerless slurpee machine to all the 'trusted customers' and it told me that because of the heavy rains as of late, the Vancouver Health and Safety Board has advised everyone not to drink tap water because of the high water levels - well that sucks, no slurpee for me.

I thought then that I'd be healthy and buy some water. I picked up a bottle of water, Dasani Raspberry flavored water to be precise and with my Mentos sours I went to the checkout. I came back to my study spot, ate mentos and cracked open the water. I took one sip and almost puked. Raspberry flavored Dasani water is the most disgusting type of drink ever, or is it? I thought maybe it was in my head so I took another sip. I thought wrong, it was truly disgusting and I had to throw it out.

That experience was a waste of $1.63 and left my thirst, unquenched.

Until next time, good day.

November 14, 2006

November November

I have never had a month of school that has been so busy and yet I am still taking precious time out of my studying time to post this entry.

The month of November has proven to be a month from hell! Okay, well it isn't that bad but it has definitely been the busiest 'school month' of my life so far. It feels like I have assignments due every other day and meetings in between those days. On top of that, there are the Canucks games that I just have to stay upto date with and Sheeba, who I obviously cannot ignore. Of course there are more things, but that is enough insight into my life for now.

Speaking of Sheeba, the prank that we (PBS) pulled on Sheeba definitely upped the game in the game of birthday pranks. Stay tuned for pictures, they are on my computer but not yet on the internet. In planning the prank, I obvioulsy knew that I would have to redeem myself (not that I didn't with my birthday present but still) so I planned a surprise birthday party for Sheeba. No, it wasn't clubbing. We went bowling and it was actually quite fun. Picture from that are coming as well and are also on my computer just not uploaded to the net yet.

All of this news about Sheeba and her birthday is old news, let's talk news news. Today is November 14, 2006. That means that Plus 44 officially released their debut album 'When Your Heart Stops Beating' today. The album is great (yes I've listened to it in its entirety) and I suggest that you go purchase it as soon as possible. Click here to buy it from Amazon. What is surprising - well not really - is that Angels and Airwaves released on their MySpace, a new song called 'Star of Bethlehem'. It is not really surprising that it was released today because it is the release day for Plus 44's debut album and it is Travis' (of Plus 44) birthday. Mark (also of Plus 44) did the same thing by releasing their first single 'No It Isn't' on Tom's (of AVA) birthday. I guess the Blink-182 (Mark, Tom and Travis) feud continues.

Finally, before I go I have to admit something. I did a few things that I said I wouldn't do. The problem is, I didn't have a reason to not do them, so I went ahead and did. I registered for MySpace and Facebook accounts. Once I feel confident, I will disclose my MySpace address, I'm sure you can just search for my on both fronts and find them.

I predict the Canucks win 3-2 tonight vs. Detroit. Anyways, that's it for me so until next time, good day.

November 07, 2006

Chewing the Bacon

I don't eat bacon, but that doesn't mean that I can't chew on it.

I had an interview today for an editorial position with Perfect Motion Media's Chewing the Canadian Bacon (CTCB), an online editorial community that is aimed at providing all Canadians with a medium for discussion.

The interview went extremely well and by the end of it I was invited to join their editorial team. I will be writing articles for CTCB atleast once a week and have been granted creative independance. Ryan and Bruce, the co-founders of Perfect Motion Media Inc., seemed adamant about fostering growth of their writers and were extremely in favour of me writing about whatever it is I have a passion for or that is irking me.

This position seems like it is going to be a great experience and a lot of fun and the guys in charge seem to be really devoted to making CTCB a success. Well of course they would be, they are both SFU grads. Coincidence? I think not.

Until next time, good day.

November 06, 2006


I used to have an old blog which I started in late April of this year. I posted once and then never posted again. The next time that I made an update to that blog was just a couple of weeks ago, to delete it.

That is why I am writing today. I don't have much to say but I did not want to fall into the trap of not updating again. Because what is the point of a blog if you don't update it? You really aren't 'logging' much if you go months between posts. Right? Right. Well unless you write a novel every few months, or are really really boring.

In other news the Canucks are playing tonight (at home vs. Dallas) and I am looking forward to watching that game. I predicted before the Colorado game (for no reason whatsoever and based on nothing) that Alexander Edler was going to come in to the lineup in his first NHL game and steal Luc Bourdon's spot on the roster. I really had no basis to say something like that, but after the game on Saturday, I did.

Edler looked as though he had been playing in the NHL for years, he definitely did not look like a rookie and he definitely did not look like Luc Bourdon did in his first game this year. Granted, Bourdon started the year bearing a plethora of high expectations and Edler really had none, the 6'3", 194 pound twenty-year old from Sweden looked calm and collected while facing an Avalanche team with bonafide snipers like Joe Sakic and Milan Hejduk, and blossoming up-and-comers like Paul Stastny and Wojtek Wolski. Edler's play was extremely impressive and may make the Canucks management think twice about keeping Bourdon with the big team this season instead of sending him back to junior.

We'll see what happens tonight against Dallas and see how both rookie defensemen perform with the increased ice-time that they are most likely to receive in the absence of defesemen Sami Salo and Willie Mitchell, who are both still recovering from their respective injuries.

So until tomorrow (which is a busy busy day for me: classes at two different campuses, a job interview, a meeting in the evening, and Sheeba's birthday), good day.

November 02, 2006


After waiting an extremely long time to find time (which has not happened) and after finding the right means to publish a blog (thank you Blog Spot @ Blogger) I have finally entered myself into the so called 'blogosphere'. What you will get out of reading this blog is no different than what you will get out of any other blog - random thoughts from another random person.

I have seen many interesting and entertaining blogs (Big Bankin' Sri Lankan's Blog to name one) and I am sure that there are thousands and thousands more which I have yet to see and probably never will, but it is not the entertainment value of these blogs that astonishes me it is the mere amount of blogs on the net that I am perplexed by.

Blogs (or Web Logs) are supposed to be a form of keeping an account of events or personal thoughts, somewhat like a diary. When you were a little girl (or guy if that's what you did) did you go out and tell every one and their brother to read your diary? I don't think so. That's why it is weird to see how popular blogging has become. When I creating my blog late last night at 12:43am (pacific time), I saw Blog Spot's realtime blog update tracker and there were posts being made at an incredibly rapid pace. It seemed to me that people were making updates to their blogs or newbies were creating their own blogs every second. In 30 seconds, I read approximately 10 different blog sites that were updated at 12:42 am (and that's only because I read slow).

Blogging has caught on world wide, it may be a phase and people one day may start to ask themselves "why the heck am I publishing my thoughts for the world to see?". Until then however, blogging is the thing to do. I have had many personal websites and always strived towards having a thought log on the websites, now that creating a blog site is so simple I thought I'd give it a shot. So enjoy, or doesn't bother me!