November 16, 2006

Rain, Raspberries and $1.63.

The weather in Vancouver has been terrible lately. Well, terrible if you don't like constant heavy rains and gale force winds combined. I personally don't mind that type of weather, it definitely enables me to study without getting distracted outside or without feeling like it's getting late because it looks the same outside throughout the whole day.

I didn't mind this weather until today, while at SFU studying, when I went to the store located conveniently next to where I was studying (I guess that's why they call them convenience stores). I thought I'd go get a slurpee and some candy (my usual study combo) but once I got to the store, a message was posted on the idle and powerless slurpee machine to all the 'trusted customers' and it told me that because of the heavy rains as of late, the Vancouver Health and Safety Board has advised everyone not to drink tap water because of the high water levels - well that sucks, no slurpee for me.

I thought then that I'd be healthy and buy some water. I picked up a bottle of water, Dasani Raspberry flavored water to be precise and with my Mentos sours I went to the checkout. I came back to my study spot, ate mentos and cracked open the water. I took one sip and almost puked. Raspberry flavored Dasani water is the most disgusting type of drink ever, or is it? I thought maybe it was in my head so I took another sip. I thought wrong, it was truly disgusting and I had to throw it out.

That experience was a waste of $1.63 and left my thirst, unquenched.

Until next time, good day.

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