November 23, 2006

Not My Day

"I woke up in the morning with the sun in my eyes when Mike came over with a pleasant surprise...."

Actually I'll stop my lyircal nostalgia because that attempt at quoting an old school Bran Van 3000 song just made it sound like I had a gay lover come over to my house this morning. But of course that can't be true becase, it wasn't sunny this morning!

Anyways the whole reason I brought up me waking up was because I woke up this morning with a really sore through and a headache that has been with me for a few days. I took some flavored tea to school so that I could sooth my throat. While at school I started to eat my lunch and wanted to drink my juice box but then I realized, I didn't have a straw! I went to my back up plan of the tea. I bought hot water and mixed the tea, Lemon and Lime Spicer, and then took a sip. Gross! Luckily I had another backup, Orange Spicer tea. I bought another cup of hot water and mixed the team once again. And yet again, gross! I was running out of luck so I thought, "you don't need lucked when having hot chocolate", so I went and bought a hot chocolate and a rice krispie square. The rice krispie square was stale and the hot chocolate, absolutely disgusting.

I have been thirsty for hours now and have spent $4.50 and have not been satisfied, I guess it's just not my day.

Until next time, when I'm hopefully more lucky and hyrdated, good day.

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