November 14, 2006

November November

I have never had a month of school that has been so busy and yet I am still taking precious time out of my studying time to post this entry.

The month of November has proven to be a month from hell! Okay, well it isn't that bad but it has definitely been the busiest 'school month' of my life so far. It feels like I have assignments due every other day and meetings in between those days. On top of that, there are the Canucks games that I just have to stay upto date with and Sheeba, who I obviously cannot ignore. Of course there are more things, but that is enough insight into my life for now.

Speaking of Sheeba, the prank that we (PBS) pulled on Sheeba definitely upped the game in the game of birthday pranks. Stay tuned for pictures, they are on my computer but not yet on the internet. In planning the prank, I obvioulsy knew that I would have to redeem myself (not that I didn't with my birthday present but still) so I planned a surprise birthday party for Sheeba. No, it wasn't clubbing. We went bowling and it was actually quite fun. Picture from that are coming as well and are also on my computer just not uploaded to the net yet.

All of this news about Sheeba and her birthday is old news, let's talk news news. Today is November 14, 2006. That means that Plus 44 officially released their debut album 'When Your Heart Stops Beating' today. The album is great (yes I've listened to it in its entirety) and I suggest that you go purchase it as soon as possible. Click here to buy it from Amazon. What is surprising - well not really - is that Angels and Airwaves released on their MySpace, a new song called 'Star of Bethlehem'. It is not really surprising that it was released today because it is the release day for Plus 44's debut album and it is Travis' (of Plus 44) birthday. Mark (also of Plus 44) did the same thing by releasing their first single 'No It Isn't' on Tom's (of AVA) birthday. I guess the Blink-182 (Mark, Tom and Travis) feud continues.

Finally, before I go I have to admit something. I did a few things that I said I wouldn't do. The problem is, I didn't have a reason to not do them, so I went ahead and did. I registered for MySpace and Facebook accounts. Once I feel confident, I will disclose my MySpace address, I'm sure you can just search for my on both fronts and find them.

I predict the Canucks win 3-2 tonight vs. Detroit. Anyways, that's it for me so until next time, good day.

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