November 25, 2006


I was meaning to post this a couple days ago when I had my first experience of snowfall this year, but now that I have waited and most of you who are reading this have gotten snow, the excitement of this post has really diminished.

Anyways, I was driving into the parking lot at school the other day and when I parked my car, it was snowing! And it was sticking. By the time I got to my first destination at school (the gym to get my shoes) it was all white outside. My camera phone came in handy (look left but watch out for the car).

It was snowing all day today at my place but I don't think it is anymore. The forecast calls for 20cm by the end of the weekend, doesn't look to promising yet but there is still Sunday.

Hopefully its not too bad, I have a presentation to do on Monday and I have to wear a suit.

Suit + SFU + Snow = A Slushy Muddy Mess

Until next time, good day.

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