November 20, 2006

My First Bite

In the midst of writing midterms and papers, going to meetins and socials, and entertaining all other resposbilities of mine, last Friday I found the time to write my first article for CTCB.

My deadline to submit this article was, not surprisingly, Friday so like I do with all other works that have a deadline. I crammed. This cramming was not entirely distasteful like most of my cramming is, in fact I enjoyed writing my article which is entitled 'Collateral Damage' and talks about the recent hard hitting epidemic that has hit the NHL.

It is now Monday which means the new issue of the CTCB website is now up, and that means my article should be there (yes I checked, it is there). So go check it out by going to the website or linking straight to the article by clicking here.

As always, comments would be appreciated. Until next time, good day (or night in my case).

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