November 02, 2006


After waiting an extremely long time to find time (which has not happened) and after finding the right means to publish a blog (thank you Blog Spot @ Blogger) I have finally entered myself into the so called 'blogosphere'. What you will get out of reading this blog is no different than what you will get out of any other blog - random thoughts from another random person.

I have seen many interesting and entertaining blogs (Big Bankin' Sri Lankan's Blog to name one) and I am sure that there are thousands and thousands more which I have yet to see and probably never will, but it is not the entertainment value of these blogs that astonishes me it is the mere amount of blogs on the net that I am perplexed by.

Blogs (or Web Logs) are supposed to be a form of keeping an account of events or personal thoughts, somewhat like a diary. When you were a little girl (or guy if that's what you did) did you go out and tell every one and their brother to read your diary? I don't think so. That's why it is weird to see how popular blogging has become. When I creating my blog late last night at 12:43am (pacific time), I saw Blog Spot's realtime blog update tracker and there were posts being made at an incredibly rapid pace. It seemed to me that people were making updates to their blogs or newbies were creating their own blogs every second. In 30 seconds, I read approximately 10 different blog sites that were updated at 12:42 am (and that's only because I read slow).

Blogging has caught on world wide, it may be a phase and people one day may start to ask themselves "why the heck am I publishing my thoughts for the world to see?". Until then however, blogging is the thing to do. I have had many personal websites and always strived towards having a thought log on the websites, now that creating a blog site is so simple I thought I'd give it a shot. So enjoy, or doesn't bother me!

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