November 21, 2006

Today I Learned

Today was a big day for me when it came to learning. I learned many things in all facets of life, some which made me happy, some which made me anxious, some which were common sense, and some others.

Today I learned...

...that Canadian Justin Morneau won the American League MVP award in the Major League of Baseball (MLB).

...that with Morneau winning the AL-MVP, Canadian atheletes are reigning MVP's in 3/4 major professional sports: the NHL (Joe Thornton, San Jose), NBA (Steve Nash, Phoenix), and now the MLB (Justin Morneau, Minnesota).

...that Jim Rome, along with thousands of other Seinfeld fans, no longer likes Micheal Richards (Kramer).

...that I handed in two papers in the last two days and have one left which I am already way behind on. It's worth 50% and due in less than a week. I have barely started researching. lesson and bought regular Dasani water along with my sour Mentos during study time.

...that although the Borat movie was not that great, I really enjoy the character and his imbecilic and non-sensical nature.

And finally, today I learned that I have one week left in school until classes are over, another until my exams are done and then I am home free to lounge in my theater room!

Until next time, good day.

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