November 06, 2006


I used to have an old blog which I started in late April of this year. I posted once and then never posted again. The next time that I made an update to that blog was just a couple of weeks ago, to delete it.

That is why I am writing today. I don't have much to say but I did not want to fall into the trap of not updating again. Because what is the point of a blog if you don't update it? You really aren't 'logging' much if you go months between posts. Right? Right. Well unless you write a novel every few months, or are really really boring.

In other news the Canucks are playing tonight (at home vs. Dallas) and I am looking forward to watching that game. I predicted before the Colorado game (for no reason whatsoever and based on nothing) that Alexander Edler was going to come in to the lineup in his first NHL game and steal Luc Bourdon's spot on the roster. I really had no basis to say something like that, but after the game on Saturday, I did.

Edler looked as though he had been playing in the NHL for years, he definitely did not look like a rookie and he definitely did not look like Luc Bourdon did in his first game this year. Granted, Bourdon started the year bearing a plethora of high expectations and Edler really had none, the 6'3", 194 pound twenty-year old from Sweden looked calm and collected while facing an Avalanche team with bonafide snipers like Joe Sakic and Milan Hejduk, and blossoming up-and-comers like Paul Stastny and Wojtek Wolski. Edler's play was extremely impressive and may make the Canucks management think twice about keeping Bourdon with the big team this season instead of sending him back to junior.

We'll see what happens tonight against Dallas and see how both rookie defensemen perform with the increased ice-time that they are most likely to receive in the absence of defesemen Sami Salo and Willie Mitchell, who are both still recovering from their respective injuries.

So until tomorrow (which is a busy busy day for me: classes at two different campuses, a job interview, a meeting in the evening, and Sheeba's birthday), good day.

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